Meisa Bonelli, Senior Tax Professional


Meisa Bonelli – a New York Tax and Finance Professional – works with high networth entrepreneurs and athletes and is the Managing Partner of 5th Avenue Associates and Senior Tax Professional at Millennial Tax.  Millennial Tax provides tax education and preparation to share economy solopreneurs.  Understanding that these sectors of entrepreneurship need specialized tax strategies to grow their businesses, and as a serialpreneur herself, Meisa founded Millennial Tax.

Meisa is an interdisciplined professional and has a Master’s degree from New York University in Strategy & Leadership with a focus in Entrepreneurship.  The underpinnings of Meisa’s well-rounded perspective are her versed background in private equity, real estate, business development and taxation.  Meisa also studies taxation in an ongoing capacity through the National Association of Tax Professionals.  She is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals and proud member of the Human Rights Campaign.  Meisa Bonelli is a native New Yorker and resides in New York City.

Meisa Bonelli unfortunately is not accepting new clients at this time, but can be reached at (646) 537-1733 ext. 101.

Karolina Swierk, Tax Assistant


Karolina Swierk is Millennial Tax’s Tax Assistant.  Her intrapreneurial Fortune 500 experience and financial forecasting acumen make her invaluable when helping share economy solopreneurs understanding their financial picture.  Her background includes monthly budgeting for multi-million dollar enterprises, profit and loss projecting, payroll management and bookkeeping.  Karolina has two Master’s degrees in Business Management Mathematics and is currently working on a third Master’s degree at Cornell University.  Karolina is originally from Poland, is passionate about women in leadership, entrepreneurship and loves furbabies.

In addition to tax preparation for share economy solopreneurs, Karolina is responsible for the hiring decisions at Millennial Tax.  Karolina can be reached at (646) 537-1733 ext. 102.