The Millennial Tax Advantage

Diverse Client Base

Our clients run the gamut – digital marketing and public relations agencies, salon owners, veterinarians and pet groomers, real estate sales professionals, freelance makeup artists and hairstylists, architects and interior designers, consultants, contractors, rideshare drivers, rental hosts and home-based businesses.  Solopreneurs choose Millennial Tax because they know we acutely understand the needs of solopreneurs, freelancers, and micro-small businesses. 

Here's What We Offer...

Solopreneur Focused

Regardless if you’re a freelancer, independent contractor or solopreneur (including a micro-small business owner), we got your back.

Personalized Service

No two individuals or solopreneurships are identical.  Financial goals, family considerations,  and varying income sources can change apples to oranges.

Increased Profitability

Understanding how taxes work is the difference between successful solopreneurship and having to put your dreams on hold.

Easy to Understand

Face it, taxes are boring and sleep-inducing.  Millennial Tax offers a fresh, exciting way to understand tax information, audit proofing and putting profits first.

Expert Advice

Meisa Bonelli is a serialpreneur that has built multiple businesses in the most competitive market in the world – New York City.

Cost Effective

It’s important that you can afford to speak with your tax professional whenever you need to as your needs change.

Special Reports

Rental Income

Your rental business has many unique tax considerations – learn how to maximize profitability without adding to your tax burden.

Home Office Advantage

Determine how your home-based business’s profitability creates different tax scenarios for you to take advantage of legally.

Car Depreciation

Rideshare members learn how to properly account for car depreciation when itemizing their business taxes each year.

Rental Host

Figuring out rental expenses are NO JOKE and we help you learn how to claim rental days inconsideration of your income.


Home-Based Business

If you like pursuing your passion from the comfort of your home, learn the information that allows to be your own boss.


Rideshare Driver

Learning about tax topics like depreciation can make the difference between owing and maximizing deductions.


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